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Neural Networks Tutorial

Tutorial slides by Andrew Moore available as PDF.

We begin by talking about linear regression...the ancestor of neural nets. We look at how linear regression can use simple matrix operations to learn from data. We gurgle with delight as we see why one initial assumption leads inevitably to the decision to try to minimize sum squared error. We then explore an alternative way to compute linear parameters---gradient descent. And then we exploit gradient descent to allow classifiers in addition to regressors, and finally to allow highly non-linear models---full neural nets in all their glory.
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Algorithmic and mathematical principles of automatic number plate recognition systems

This work deals with problematic from field of artificial intelligence, machine vision and neural networks in construction of an automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR). This problematic includes mathematical principles and algorithms, which ensure a process of number plate detection, processes of proper characters segmentation, normalization and recognition. Work comparatively deals with methods achieving invariance of systems towards image skew, translations and various light conditions during the capture. Work also contains an implementation of a demonstration model, which is able to proceed these functions over a set of snapshots.
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