Bigjpg is a free AI tool for upscaling and improving the quality of any image. The tool can be used online or downloaded for use whilst offline. Bigjpg lets you enlarge images up to 4X for free, and up to 8X, if you upgrade your account to the paid version. It’s important to know that users on free version are limited to uploading only 5 Megabyte maximum image size.

Benefits and Key Features

Although it’s not the best out there for image enlargement, Bigjpg is still a great tool that can be useful if you’re looking for the fastest way of upscaling pictures. It Improves the quality of images by using its latest AI technology. The colors are maintained, with almost no blur or double vision in the image. Anime images and illustrations are well generated, with details, and edges all well-kept.

Based on the original size & enlarging configurations, the time needed for upscaling the images varies. The actual processing time is usually much shorter than the estimated time, depending on server traffic and time of day. Enlarged and uploaded pictures will be automatically removed from the system after three days. Ensure to save before the three days have elapsed.  Image links are always encrypted, unless you share the link, no one can download your image or result.


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