Caktus AI

Best in Class AI Helper for Students

What is Caktus AI?

Caktus.AI is a tool for students as their AI helper. It uses powerful Artificial Intelligence tools to generate answers to different types of questions. Students can support themselves with essay writing, discussions, mathematical responses, and basic coding. Caktus is not only created for students, anyone wishing to improve their written communication skills can utilize it.

How it works.

Caktus AI uses AI tools to generate responses. It gives good citations for essays and sounds more human. It responds with 100% uniqueness always. You can ask the same question so many times, it will respond with a different response every time. If you are writing an essay, copy and paste it into the Humanise tool, and let Caktus AI write it for you. Users can bypass AI detection by subscribing to its Pro version.

The Benefits of using Caktus AI.

  • Students can dedicate their time to other important things, while Caktus does their homework, assignments, etc.
  • Students can study with ease and get good results.
  • It provides ideas to help users improve their grammar, writing style, and vocabulary.
  • Caktus improves the educational process for students and teachers. It gives an effective learning experience
  • Caktus AI empowers students to accomplish their academic and career goals.
  • It offers text summarizers and coding writers for programming languages like Python and Javascript.
  • It has a career section with tools for job cover letters and generates bullet points for Resumes.


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