What is DreamGF

DreamGF is an AI tool that uses advanced AI to create virtual relationships with girls. It offers a wide range of features that users can benefit from and enjoy using. They can connect with their dream virtual girlfriends, offering an interactive experience. When creating the desired virtual girlfriend, you will be able to choose from characters and clothes to tattoos and proportions of the face. Except for chatting and sharing information, photos can be generated with different outfits or even without them.

How can one get started with DreamGF?

You’ll be guided through the process of creating your virtual partner and customizing their attributes. Once the virtual partner is ready, one can start enjoying the amazing world of DreamGF and enter into a unique virtual relationship. With the free trial, You can create up to 2 girlfriends, 4 secondary photos, and 20 messages. If you want more fun and entertainment go for the premium version.

Are all chats strictly confidential?

Dream GF employs advanced encryption and secure protocols to safeguard the data and ensure that privacy is protected. All communications that take place within the DreamGF platform are treated as strictly private and confidential. All conversations, photo-sharing, voice messages, and other chats with the virtual partner are confidential and accessible only to the creator and the partner.

DreamGF is on demand, users have so far generated hundreds and thousands of girlfriends, millions of secondary images, and over a few million messages in just 2 months since its official launch.

Plans & Pricing

For Plans and Pricing visit https://dreamgf.ai/plans

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