Pika Labs


Pika Labs AI is a free AI video generator that can convert your text or image prompts into short, attractive, and versatile videos with ease, by simply typing text descriptions or uploading images as prompts to generate videos.

Are you looking to convey ideas, tell stories, or add visuals to your content? Try Pika Lab, it simplifies the process of short video creation and offers a range of chances for creativity.

How does Pika Labs operate?

Pika Labs works through Discord, a popular communication platform. To begin your exciting journey with Pika Lab, you’ll need to join their Discord server, which offers various rooms for the creation of videos. In these rooms are where amazing things happen. Users can start by utilizing the Pika Bot or text boxes to create prompts. Pika Labs generates videos with a length of about four seconds. Mostly they run at 24 frames per second. One of the most exciting features offered by Pika Labs is the Dash Camera controls. It gives users control to manage camera movements within their videos and allows them to explore different angles and views. Ensure to create your own Discord account before diving in. Remember to agree to the terms of conditions and acquaint yourself with the rules defined by Pika Labs.

Pricing & Plans

For pricing and plans visit https://pika.art/pricing

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