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By alexjc | March 30, 2007

Artificial Intelligence Knowledge

Forgive the promotion, but there have been more changes on the site — and I’m quite proud of the result! The artificial intelligence knowledge warehouse has undergone a facelift, brought into the modern world of Web 2.0. All the content is accessible via topic tags, with the list of items sorted by their popularity. Each item can be rated individually using the traditional voting button, and you can post comment about each submission. Where available, a introduction to the topics is also displayed.

I’ve added quite a number of links and topic descriptions already, and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. Feel free to contribute if you have a favourite site, or a personal link to promote. You can easily submit links to artificial intelligence resources via the submit tab menu, and instantly make your contribution available to thousands of AI enthusiasts daily.

Current content submissions, and those in the pipeline include:

  • Artificial intelligence tutorials, essays and articles.

  • Lecture slides, or white papers relating to AI.

  • Online books or videos discussing artificial intelligence.

On a related note, be sure to get your latest Artificial Intelligence News over here. If you subscribe to the RSS feed for the front page ai news, there are usually 2-4 AI stories daily. The voting system is running smoothly, so the content stays much more relevant!

Ok, enough public announcements for today. Back to more normal AI commentaries in a few days… Stay tuned for even more improvements and big changes on the AI Depot!

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