Inside DARwIn the Humanoid Robot

By alexjc | March 23, 2007

DARwIn Dribbling

DARwIn is a humanoid robot that plays soccer, set to take on other candidates from around the world in the 2007 Robocup competition. It was developed by a group of mechanical engineering students from Virginia Tech, in the Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory.

DARwIn’s measurements: 48 cm high, 4.2 kg and an autonomy of a few hours. It’s capable of getting up off the floor unassisted, walking around without falling, and kicking balls around. Not quite up to standard with the professionals in European football leagues, but it doesn’t cost as much!

Find out more technical details behind DARwIn, and watch a video of the robot in action after the jump…

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IRC Bot Announces Headlines

By alexjc | March 6, 2007

IRC Chat Bot

There’s now an IRC bot on called ai-depot. By default, it will announce the latest news in the #ai channel as it becomes available in the RSS feed. You can also query the news that was published recently if you missed it; simply type ai-depot: LATEST and the bot will give you the last two headlines.

The code is based on Supybot, written in Python. The ai-depot bot uses mostly the default RSS plugin, but with a few bug fixes and enhancements over the latest release on Sourceforge (0.83).

Remember, you can swing by on the #ai channel of freenode at any time for idle chat on artificial intelligence and life in general! Don’t say hi to the bot, as he won’t understand much yet though…

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By alexjc | March 3, 2007

Front Page Header

A new version of is now online. It maintains its focus on the artificial intelligence community by providing news, knowledge and discussion. You should notice a bit more activity around here…

The AI news site is now run democratically. Anyone can submit links and stories, and vote for other submissions. The most popular stories get promoted to the front page. Those of you familiar with Digg know how this works.

This part of the site is a AI weblog run collaboratively, where all the new original content will be posted. If you’d like to contribute, just sign-up here and let us know you’re interested by posting a reply here.

The existing content on will be left online as it is, and integrated incrementally into the new layout. The renovated site is based on Wordpress and Pligg.

I hope you enjoy the site!

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The Random Test

By ai-depot | July 9, 2003

Any particular test of intelligence is destined to be biased towards certain abilities. This article searches for a new method to establish sentience by means of randomness instead.

Written by Marco van de Wijdeven.

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Solving Integer Programming Problems Using Genetic Algorithms

By ai-depot | May 25, 2003

Looking at the challenges of integer programming, this article describes how to apply evolutionary techniques to optimizing systems of equations. Example code is provided in C.

Written by Fabr�cio Olivetti de Fran�a.

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